Loose, comfortable clothing, a hat with a brim, good hiking boots and good socks, sunglasses, sunscreen, eyewash solution (it can get very dusty and this helps to get it out if you get sand in your eyes). It is also useful to have a bandana or something similar to tie over your nose and mouth in case the dust is blowing a lot as you near Lake Natron area. Rubber flip –flops that strap on your feet or water shoes for when you swim at the waterfall as the rocks are slippery. But it is so nice to be able to do so after a long, hot hike. Although it is very hot at Lake Natron area, you are hiking in a very arid climate and typically, it gets quite cool at night, so it is good to have a jacket and long pants for comfort at the campsite at night and when you are climbing Lengai at night. A headlamp torch is needed for a climb of Lengai Volcano. You also need your own towel.

Please be aware that facilities in the campsites at Nainokanoka, Empakai and Acacia are minimal. These are real bush camps. At Nainokanoka there are toilets, but no showers. At Empakai and Acacia there are no toilets or showers. No water there either. We do carry gel cans of water for cooking and for washing faces and hands. But until you reach Lake Natron where there are proper toilet and shower facilities, this is what is available. Your drinking water is bottled water, 4 Litres per person per day while trekking.

Once our vehicle departs from Empakai, there is no possibility of a rescue until you reach the base of Oldonyo Lengai Volcano as there is no road for a vehicle. The donkeys are only pack animals, not at all domesticated and are unsuitable to carry people

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